What skills will be “in” in 2025?

2025 is 7 years in the future and given the dizzying pace of change, the skills that I outline may well be obsolete by then.

However, looking forward in 2018, in my view the top skills required in 2025 would be: 

  • People savvy
  • Learning agility
  • Digital mindset & adeptness
  • Ability to be centered
  • Creative and critical thinking.

To be future ready we need to work on the building blocks of these skills.

Mindfulness is a practice that we need to incorporate in our daily routine. It would aid in our ability to maintain focus, be centered, think creatively and critically and thus augment productivity and well-being.

We also need to expose ourselves to varied experiences to increase creativity and learning agility. This would mean both learning using different means as well as connecting with people of diverse background. Travel is always a great way of exposure.

It is also recommended to keep abreast of how technology is evolving and continuously learn and use new technology. A key area would be on how to use artificial intelligence to augment productivity.

And in all this focus on technology not forget that humanics is more important than robotics. People savvy, the ability to understand people and work collaboratively across diverse cultures is a key skill we can’t overlook.

Contributor: Lovely Kumar is a Co-founder and Director at Larks Learning Private Limited. Larks Learning equips people, enhances profits using training, coaching, and assessments. She is also a Co-founder of Women Lead India. Lovely has an experience of 20+ yrs in the areas of leadership coaching, corporate training, psychometric assessments, marketing and management education.  Her expertise is to equip people to reach their full potential. You can reach her at lovely@larkslearning.com or www.linkedin.com/in/lovelykumar