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Customised Corporate Training

We at “Larks Learning” aim to help organisations improve productivity. We aim to achieve this by developing professionals into successful leaders by enhancing their behavioural skills. Our programs focus on enabling the participants to succeed by developing the right skills, knowledge and attitudes (KSA).

Leadership Coaching

Aspiring leaders will be coached by professional coaches’ to help pinpoint strengths & weaknesses and growth areas. Professional coaching is NOT training, counselling, mentoring or consulting. It does not provide a ready-made but ill-fitting solution instead it works through powerful tools from psychology, neuroscience etc. to help an individual discover the best fit solution for […]

Extended DISC Assessments

Extended DISC® empowers organisations worldwide with its suite of scientifically validated, online psychometric assessment tools. It provides you with the information to maximize the performance of your employees, eliminate expensive mistakes, wasted time and resources. We at Larks certify people on the use of Extended DISC tools.

Women Lead Interventions

Women Lead India, is committed to equipping aspiring women leaders in the professional sphere through workshops both in-house and public, leadership coaching and continual research as research has firmly established that the companies that perform best financially have the greatest numbers of women in leadership roles throughout the companies’ organizational structure.


Managerial Skills Bootcamp

“The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people, but real management is developing people through work.” – Agha Hasan Abedi. Our Managerial Bootcamp aims to do just that.

Extended DISC Certification

The certification on Extended DISC System enables a certified professional to read, comprehend and analyse the Extended DISC behavioural analysis reports. He/ she can then use the reports in recruitment, training, career progression and coaching.

Hi-Impact Communication Skills

Communication skill is a critical skill in today’s competitive business environment. Everyone right from the chairman of a company down to frontline personnel needs to be able to communicate effectively.



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Our Team

Lovely Kumar

Lovely Kumar

Director Larks Learning & Co-founder Women Lead India

Lovely Kumar

Director Larks Learning & Co-founder Women Lead India

Anila Rattan

Anila Rattan

Director Larks Learning & Co-founder Women Lead India

Anila Rattan

Director Larks Learning & Co-founder Women Lead India

Gitanjali Saksena

Gitanjali Saksena

Director Sage GlobalHR & Co-founder Women Lead India

Gitanjali Saksena

Director Sage GlobalHR & Co-founder Women Lead India

Jukka Sappinen

Jukka Sappinen

Founder & CEO Extended DISC International

Jukka Sappinen

Founder & CEO Extended DISC International

Prof. M.M. Pant

Prof. M.M. Pant

Learning Evangelist & Chief Mentor

Prof. M.M. Pant

Learning Evangelist & Chief Mentor


“Working with Lovely and Anila has been a pleasure. Their responsiveness to understand client needs, offer models for delivery and tireless working to deliver a client mandate is appreciable. I have been happy with their abilities to drive standardization of experiences across a differentiated employee group.”

Pia Khanna

CoE Leader @Talent Management South Asia, DuPont

“If you have to navigate muddy waters, anyone can say the solution is to wear shoes. But it is only through #coaching that I realized that I needed shoes that fit my feet.

Any employee would be lucky to have Lovely as a Coach and I am sure they will come up with flying colors after they come out from her coaching. I was completely impressed with Lovely’s expertise in coaching and different tools used in a coaching session to groom an individual.”

Praveen Revi

Analyst, DuPont

“Lovely & Anila have been great training partners. They & their partners at Larks Learning with their expertise were able to deploy the training’s at UnitedLex with complete perfection. The content created, design and methodology were very professional. They were able to delight the management team with the needle movement as a result of the training intervention. The best thing has been, they were able to deploy a long-term strategy to the intervention that can bring a change”

Gautam Vijh

AVP HR @UnitedLex Corporation

“We have been associated with Lovely for our soft skill training needs for some time now. She brings great energy in the room and her unwavering enthusiasm both during diagnostic as well as the post follow-up sessions, is equally remarkable. Besides, I also know Lovely as someone who has a lot of passion for running various interventions in the space of diversity & inclusion and the wonderful role she plays in keeping WomenLead alive & rocking! I wish her and the team the very best and continue to look forward to all the great women networking forums she creates for us!”

Madhvi Goyal

Vice President and Head – Human Resources@Bharti Realty

“It is always a pleasure to meet Lovely!! Lovely has been my coach helping me hone my presentation skills and she really made learning so much fun and interesting! She is very committed and thorough with whatever she does! I always look forward to interacting with her!!”

Gurpreet Gulati

Manager @India, React.Org

“Lovely has done ILT sessions in Schenker India. The participants found her a great facilitator, engaging and helpful. Her non-directive approach enables participants to open up and bring forth their vulnerabilities, and then work on on self, group and systems.”

Renu Bohra

Senior Director HR @Schenker

“Lovely and Anila are detail-oriented professionals who make sure that the clients requirements are fulfilled in all the assignments handled by them. They very organized and have good domain knowledge. I had opportunity to work with them for a workshop organized on Personality and it was great experience.”

Pragati Chadha Wadhwa

Manager HR@Geospatial Media & Communications

“After being a participant at Extended DISC Certification Program I realized that it was an awesome way to learn on generating better management operations. The instructor displayed an impeccable approach – she deftly acquainted us with some significant as well as simple ways to induce improvements at every level. She was clear, to-the-point, very caring and delivered what was required. After Extended DISC Certification Program, I am certain of understanding myself and others around me better. I strongly believe that our entire organization would successfully improve its stature.”

Amit Mukherji

CEO @iN Technologies

“Lovely trained me in Extended DISC. She covered a lot of ground in a high energy, engaging, and at times challenging (in a good way) manner. Thanks for your support!”

Andrea Stone

Leadership Coach & Change Facilitator

“Lovely & Anila are very hardworking and logical professional’s, who work on their assignment with great passion. Interactions were nice and constructive. I wish all the best for future assignments.”

Anand Amrit Raj

Sr. Consultant – HR Advisory @Wipro Consulting Services

“My experience with Lovely and Anila has been a really good one. They trained my promoters on selling in HP World Retail store. When they organized the training and spoke it was altogether different learning experience.”

Naman Jain

Marketing Manager – Retail & Chanel, Imaging & Printing Group @Hewlett Packard

“I found Extended DISC really useful for me as an individual. Most importantly it helped me identify my strengths and I am using the profile in making my way forward decisions. I am taking this further with my organisation and I clearly see a huge value add in recruitments. I look forward to the further sessions.”

Vivek Kumar

CEO@Venture Garage

“Lovely is very honest and sincere in her training and facilitation. She patiently listened to the volley of questions and ensured that no questions went unanswered for the Extended DISC certification that I underwent at Larks Learning. I also found Lovely to be the type who stretches a bit more to give you the necessary information and also confidence to get a good grasp over the subject.”

Midhun Manmadhan

Learning & Performance Consultant

“Helped me understand DISC & its effective use as an assessment tool to approach & resolve various organizational issues. Strongly recommend to attend her workshops on DISC. She is a gifted facilitator. Because she has many years’ experience in L & D, she knows a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure we learn what we need to. Her calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable. She is always encouraging and positive.”

Anita Nair

Manager – Talent Transformation

“Thank you for certifying me to administer and interpret Extended DISC. Thank you for creating a learning environment based on interaction, trust and humor.”

Deepika Mahidhara

Manager – Talent Development (L&D) @Liquid Hub

“Lovely is an amazing professional. Her knowledge and approach is very practical. She makes her sessions interesting as she gives live examples either from her personal experiences or from various other organisations. She is well read and a thorough professional when it comes to delivering training.”

Deepthi Ravi

Senior Training Manager @MindSkillz

“I am pleased to inform you that, Extended DISC program was of high quality and very well planned. I could gain lots of inputs from the program thus giving me the confidence of a person holding Extended DISC certification. I thank you for all the best efforts you put in to ensure the optimum experience. I am confident and I assure, I will be able to justice to the program and its learning.”

C S Manjunathan

Senior Independent Facilitator



Larks Learning Private Limited is a #training and #psychometric assessment company based in Gurgaon (National Capital Region), India. We are the official partners of Extended DISC International (a superior DISC based assessment company).

Larks learning was co-founded by Lovely Kumar and Anila Rattan in Feb of 2011 with the aim of helping organisations improve productivity by providing quality learning interventions and assessments.


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