Pia Khanna

CoE Leader @Talent Management South Asia, DuPont

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“Working with Lovely and Anila has been a pleasure. Their responsiveness to understand client needs, offer models for delivery and tireless working to deliver a client mandate is appreciable. I have been happy with their abilities to drive standardization of experiences across a differentiated employee group.”

Praveen Revi

Analyst, DuPont

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“If you have to navigate muddy waters, anyone can say the solution is to wear shoes. But it is only through #coaching that I realized that I needed shoes that fit my feet. Any employee would be lucky to have Lovely as a Coach and I am sure they will come up with flying colors […]

Gautam Vijh

AVP HR @UnitedLex Corporation

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“Lovely & Anila have been great training partners. They & their partners at Larks Learning with their expertise were able to deploy the training’s at UnitedLex with complete perfection. The content created, design and methodology were very professional. They were able to delight the management team with the needle movement as a result of the […]

Gurpreet Gulati

Manager @India, React.Org

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“It is always a pleasure to meet Lovely!! Lovely has been my coach helping me hone my presentation skills and she really made learning so much fun and interesting! She is very committed and thorough with whatever she does! I always look forward to interacting with her!!”

Renu Bohra

Senior Director HR @Schenker

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“Lovely has done ILT sessions in Schenker India. The participants found her a great facilitator, engaging and helpful. Her non-directive approach enables participants to open up and bring forth their vulnerabilities, and then work on on self, group and systems.”

Amit Mukherji

CEO @iN Technologies

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“After being a participant at Extended DISC Certification Program I realized that it was an awesome way to learn on generating better management operations. The instructor displayed an impeccable approach – she deftly acquainted us with some significant as well as simple ways to induce improvements at every level. She was clear, to-the-point, very caring […]