Extended DISC® empowers organizations worldwide with its suite of scientifically validated, online psychometric assessment tools.

It provides you with the information to maximize the performance of your employees. Eliminate expensive mistakes, wasted time and resources  

The Extended DISC®-system is based on a psychological theory developed in the 1920′s by Carl G. Jung. 

Credentials of Extended DISC

  • Extended DISC® was founded in 1994 by Jukka Sappinen
  • Headquartered in Espoo, Finland
  • One of the top five companies in the field today
  • Extended DISC® International is present in over 50 countries
  • Annual growth rate is 20-50%
  • The Extended DISC® System has been translated into 56 languages
  • Has been used by over a million people in 2010

We help you to use it independently or together with our consultants in:

  • Organizational development
  • Leadership development
  • Team development
  • Sales/Team/Management training
  • Individual development
  • Recruitment / Internal transfers and many other applications

Extended DISC Certification

The CEDA (Certified Extended DISC Assessor) certification on Extended DISC System enables a certified professional to read, comprehend and analyze the Extended DISC individual, work-pair and team analysis reports. He/ she can then use the reports in Recruitment, Training, Career Progression and Coaching. We view Certification as an enabler to create the adequate empowerment for structured understanding of the Extended DISC Behavioural Analysis Inventory.

“Our goal is to provide our clients with the information they need to keep their best and brightest motivated and make the most of their strengths, which helps to ensure a better future for all.”

Jukka Sappinen Founder & CEO of Extended DISC

Unique Features

Extended DISC measures emotions

Extended DISC measures the unconscious behavior and compares it with the conscious adjusted behavioural style, allowing the measurement of emotions. It goes way beyond regular DISC in this regard. It also enables the report to define the influence of the present environment on the respondent’s motivation as far as certain needs are concerned. This is vital information both for the individual and the organization.

More behavioural styles than in any other instrument

Extended DISC assumes that an individual has reaction modes for all behavior styles, of which he or she prefers some more than others. Recognizing some 160 different styles, Extended DISC allows an individual to be more flexible and dynamic (adapting) in his or her behavior.

Extended DISC is difficult to cheat

Extended DISC is extremely difficult to cheat. DISC programs can (and often are) answered by the respondent in the way they believe their potential employer would like them to answer. We know when someone has tried to beat the system.

More stable results than with any other instrument

Profile II illustrates a person’s natural response to an external stimulus. It is the behavioural style that takes the least energy and effort, requires the least amount of concentration and is usually the most pleasant to the individual.

Measures the individual both on unconscious AND conscious levels

Profile I illustrates how the person feels they want/need to adjust their behavior to cope with the requirements of the present environment.

Extended DISC not only assesses, but also helps the individual

This instrument can tell whether there is a key feeling of uncertainty or lack of clarity, whether the person feels insecure or whether a person is frustrated.

Extended DISC text bank is significantly larger than competitors’

The text bank is significantly larger than competitors. The text bank enables 228,383,696 totally different text pages to be generated. Our competition, at best, can create around 200 different texts.