WHO is it for?

The workshop is for Trainers, Facilitators, L&D professionals, OD interventionists, Recruiters, and Coaches.

Why is this workshop useful for me?

Certification on and use of the Extended DISC system will increase your effectiveness in recruitment, training, career progression, coaching, etc. In a competitive environment, this is a major differentiator both at a personal and organizational level.

What is the Extended DISC system? 
The Extended DISC system is not just a set of behavioral tools but is a simple, unified, and comprehensive psychometric assessment system that provides a range of tools that can be used during all processes from recruiting to HR development to analyze on individual, team, or entire organization levels.

Credentials of Extended DISC

•Extended DISC® was founded in 1994 by Jukka Sappinen

•Headquartered in Espoo, Finland

•One of the top five companies in the field today

•Extended DISC® international is present in over 80 countries

•Annual growth rate is 20-50%

•Is available in 76 languages including English(India), Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada.


•Extended DISC measures emotion

•More behavioral styles than in any other instrument

•More stable results than with any other instrument

•Measures the individual both on unconscious AND conscious levels

•Extended DISC® diamond. It identifies160 distinct behavioral styles visually.

•Extended DISC text bank is significantly larger than competitors. It can generate over 22.8 crore different text pages

•Extended DISC not only assesses, but also helps the individual to improve through concrete suggestions.

•Extended DISC is difficult to cheat

•Multiple individual assessment reports available within the price. Reports are highly customizable.

What will be covered during the certification?
The Certification on Extended DISC system enables a certified professional to read, comprehend, and analyze the Extended DISC individual reports. He/ she can then use the reports in recruitment, training, career progression, and coaching.

What are the criteria to join? 
Since the Extended DISC reporting is shorn of psychological jargon you don’t require a degree in psychology.


Online – We conduct the certification program through a combination of self-study and online classroom/ personal interaction with facilitator. This is followed with an open book assessment.

Onsite – Our facilitator conducts the customised certification program at the client’s site with select participants

Open – We conduct public programs on certifications inviting participants from different organizations in a common venue