Aspiring leaders will be coached by professional coaches’ post using a psychometric tool & 360-degree feedback tool to help pinpoint strengths & weaknesses and growth areas.

Professional coaching is NOT training, counselling, mentoring or consulting.

It does not provide a ready-made but ill-fitting solution instead it works through powerful tools from psychology, neuroscience etc. to help an individual discover the best fit solution for themselves.

Coaching helps in:

  • Identifying road blocks to achieving true potential especially unconscious processes that may be sabotaging their success.
  • Identifying and maximising strengths and overcoming weaknesses
  • Developing new skills and capabilities in order to reach full potential
  • Setting practical, achievable goals in alignment with business and personal values
  • Having accountability and commitment to goals

Since coaching as a process is highly dependent on coach fitment we conduct a discovery session which enables both coach and coachee to gauge fitment.

The minimum engagement is 6 months.

The coaching could be setup to be 1-0-1 face to face or via web.

Inside-Out Growth Roadmap

Self Concept: How do I describe myself in one line? What do I love about myself? What are the messages that I hear about myself from people who matter? Whom do I want to be like? What are the things I want to change about myself?

VBFM: What are the fundamental principles that guide my thoughts and actions? What are my priorities in life? What are the prejudices and biases I carry in my head? In which situations am I most biased and judgmental? What are my deepest fears?

Organizational Values: What kind of values do I see being practiced at workplace every day? What are the points of alignment? What are the lines of tension?

Critical Competencies: How do I fare on the critical organizational leadership competencies? What are my unique strengths and contributions? Am I consciously developing skills for the future? What is my Leadership brand?

Social and Organizational Context (Processes, Policies, Community building): How do I create a strong support structure for myself?