In The Alchemy of Coaching, Lovely, Gitanjali & Anila have demystified coaching. They have shorn coaching of jargon, stuck  to the fundamentals and walked a first-time manager step by step through coaching principles, skills, process, structure and finally put in their hands a toolbox of techniques they can use to increase both their own and their team’s productivity.

The Alchemy of Coaching is a practical and power packed book that should be in the hands of every time pressed first-time manager. This book is one that needs to be revisited regularly.

John Mattone

The World’s #1 Coaching Authority ( 2019 & 2020)

Praise for The Alchemy of Coaching

The Alchemy of Coaching is a very easy to read book containing easy inputs and tools for people managers to navigate their day to day life in their role as people managers. The best thing is its simplicity and easy to follow narrative. Managers can read from anywhere and get guidance to deal with a real life situation. Enjoyed reading the book!

Suruchi Maitra, CHRO Lenskart

Kudos to the authors! “The Alchemy of Coaching” is a ready reference book for all managers and coaches. Very engaging and motivating articulation covering the essentials of coaching. I encourage all managers and leaders to keep this book handy at all times for a ready reference on tools & techniques for coaching. I also liked the examples given, which makes the reading more interesting and brings out the strong experience that the authors have in coaching.

Payal Koul, Vice-President, Strategic Services Business Development, IBM

Firstly congratulations on bringing these amazing perspectives and tools together into this book. I’m always amazed by those who can pen down their learnings so beautifully

What stood out for me were:

1. The simplicity in explanation.

2. Finally someone provides a layman explanation on the difference between coaching and mentoring.

3. High level view on what it’ll take to be a coach. It’ll sow the seed in the minds of the first time managers.

4. I enjoyed seeing all the different tools and techniques for personal effectiveness and people leadership. Its brought me back in touch with some that I forgot to flex in these many years. I’m sure the managers would love it

Neelu Chawla, VP HR: Genpact

A simple read. I could relate with the examples and anecdotes given in the Alchemy of Coaching. The books simple structure and crispness made it easy to read. I have recommended it to my team.

Kopal Dubey, Region Head: Network18

The alchemy of coaching is simple and integrated approach to building teams and leading from the front for first time managers. It presents multiple ‘Eureka’ moments for managers and even coaches, as they discover the ‘scientific angle’ for common team management best practices leveraged frequently in their journey towards leadership. It is interesting how the authors have substantiated manager actions with real life short stories and tables for ease of understanding.

I would recommend this book for Team leaders , aspiring managers and first time managers as well as for first time coaches as a ready reckoner for those coaching moments.

Rachna Bhanot, Strategic HR leader: Global Market and domestic business: India South Asia, IBM

Enjoyed the laser focus The Alchemy of Coaching has on what’s essential. Have recommended the book in my team.

Deepika Chaudhry, Executive Director legal -APAC, Xerox

Excellent resource for coaching managers! Splendid read – lucid, full of amazing resources/tools… in short – a ready reckoner. Highly recommend this to all.

Vishal Manchanda, AVP Human Resources, Cvent

A wonderful read, good for the first time as well as seasoned leaders. It gives a succinct commentary on various coaching tools and techniques which everyone will find useful. Keep the book handy as a reference with you always, will go a long way in your journey as a coach/ leader.

Sandeep Mirakhur, Founder – Big Mama

The book gives useful tips about coaching. Very handy for first time managers who have to double up as coach for their team members.

Priyanka C, Chief Manager, HR, Hindustan Aeronauticals Limited

This is the one of the best books that I have ever read catering to those who have recently stepped into a leadership role. Also it will be a guide for those who are aspiring leaders as well. Somewhere we underestimate the power of COACHING. I am sure that this book will help us to realize the real meaning of coaching and to build more successful leaders.

Praveen R J, Operations Leader, DuPont

Nicely written. Summing up the importance of Coaching. The process is well explained. Tools and techniques given are highly practical and can be implemented in daily work life. The subject though being intricate has been handled very well. A must-read for all managers. Practical and effective

Gunjeet Thukral, AGM-Sales, TAFE Motors & Tractors Limited

It is simple and focused on how to do coaching: The coaching approach, the skills needed and the tools that can be used. I have recommended it in my organization.

Shadan Raza, Shared Services HR Partner: Concentrix

Effective content! I have been mentor, mentee and also have been coached. Coaching is way more effective. This book brings crisp of coaching. Well presented. kudos to authors for such a good research.

Simranjeet Kaur, Senior Consultant, Delloitte