Whatsapp Best Practices or Drama…Your Choice!

Today I once again witnessed “Whatsapp drama” in a professional group I am part of…Interestingly a group of L&D professionals because that it my community. Someone posted a post that was deemed frivolous… it was followed by public censure…followed by some members quitting and some being asked to leave. The rest of the members were bewildered. And the repercussion on me was that I thought many times before typing a single word in the group.

This dynamic is not unique to this group and I have realised that with the creation of new mediums of communication we need to continuously evolve best practices for using them.

Remember I am a trainer….we just can’t experience something without dissecting it and milking it for takeaways.

And so, underneath are some best practices for using WhatsApp in professional contexts forged through trial and error:

  1. Add your profile picture (not your child’s/abstract image etc). Use the status option sensibly.
  2. Ensure messages are directly related to the group’s objectives & relevant to entire group.
  3. Give a miss to good morning, inspirational messages or jokes.
  4. Use direct messages or make small groups to explore special interests. Do not bombard the larger group.
  5. Mute the Whatsapp group when you are sleeping or in a meeting so that you are not disturbed.
  6. Star messages you want to keep. Whatsapp now has the option to delete all messages except those starred.
  7. Use the reply option when responding to a message. This increases coherence.
  8. All rules of decent behaviour are applicable on WhatsApp also. Be careful in what and how you say things.
  9. Understand some conversations are not conducive to the medium (whatsapp) and act accordingly.

Please share any others that you might have experienced.

Together let’s make learning & networking through whatsapp possible.

Keep Learning !

Lovely Kumar is a facilitator, trainer, psychometric assessor and is Director at Larks Learning Pvt. Ltd and Co-Founder WomenLead. She has a unique background which combines economics, management, advertising, sales, teaching and training. She has worked with a range of corporates and academic institutions. Additionally she has obtained international certifications in training and psychometric assessments.

Learn more and reach Lovely Kumar for training workshops or DISC assessments at www.larkslearning.com, lovely@larkslearning.com or 91-9899108659.