What does the 21st century learning facilitator look like?

Are we as learning facilitators really riding the wave of change that has finally hit the shores of learning?

I use the term learning facilitators because that is who we really are. A couple of us learning facilitators at Larks Learning brainstormed to conceptualize how does the 21st century #learning facilitator look like and decided on the following:

  • Attitude
    • Love learning
    • Value each individual learner
    • Be continuously learning
    • Flexibility
    • Openness to new methods/ technology
    • Discretion
    • Creativity
    • Adaptability to change
    • Patience
    • Research orientation
  • Skills
    • Learnability
    • Ability to motivate learners
    • Ability to diagnose learning needs and select appropriate learning goals
    • Ability to research
    • Ability to curate / select/ adapt / create/ customize learning material
    • Ability to create a learning environment
    • Ability to facilitate learning
    • Ability to assess learning
    • Ability to use new technology to aid learning
    • Ability to evaluate new developments in the field and assess their viability to aid learning
    • Ability to apply own learning to their practice
  • Knowledge
    • What motivates people?
    • How people learn?
    • Various methodologies and technologies to aid learning
    • Subject matter expertise

What do you think?

Contributed by: Lovely Kumar, Chief Projects, Larks Learning.