Want to convince your customers to buy? 5 ways to do so with authenticity

No matter which field you are in convincing people to buy your products or services is extremely important. Whether you are selling behavioral training or garments if people do not buy your products you have an enormous problem. Without this quality, it does not matter how good, useful, educative or cheap your products or services are.

So how do you sell a product?

Convince your customers with the following:

  1. Know what you are saying– If you come across like an amateur then you might as well forget it and move on to the next costumer. Do not just memorize what you have to say, many times it can explode in your own face, like when a customer wants to know more or asks a question. In times like those you really need to understand the product.
  2. Don’t lie– Always show your products to the customer in the best possible light: highlight its positives, state its uses but never lie to the customer. Do not make it seem as though the product is better than it actually is and do not run down the competition.
  3. Cater to their needs – Focus on what they need or want. Do not try to sell them things they would not be able to use or things that do not satisfy their needs completely. By the end of the conversation they should not think that you only wanted to con them into buying your things instead they should think along the lines of, “Oh my God! That guy actually gives a damn.”
  4. Use testimonials – Tell your customers how your products are useful, preferably with examples. Testimonials from other customers also help; nobody wants to be the only one buying something. If other people have bought them and are satisfied it gives the current buyer confidence.
  5. Have an opinion– Many times you will be asked for your opinion, for example I am sure when we all walk into a new restaurant we ask the waiter serving us whether the dish we are thinking of is worth a try. While in this situation make sure you have a balance between the truth and your need to sell your product.

The bottom line is that you need to sell with authenticity because what goes around comes around.

Contributed by Lariena Kumar, Associate Larks Learning Pvt. Ltd.

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