Story on Communication for Corporate Training : Yeah, Right!

Though we have been communicating from the day we were born (yes, those cries count) …communication still trips us up.

Larks insight:

Learn how to communicate, what to say and how much?

On hearing one of his students use the expression, “I don’t know nothing about it…” a teacher took the opportunity to explain about double negatives and correct grammar to the class.

The teacher explained, “In the English language a double negative makes the statement positive, so your assertion that you ‘don’t know nothing about it’ is actually an admission that you do know something about it.”

Encouraged by the interest in this revelation among certain class members, the teacher went on to demonstrate more of his knowledge of world languages: “Of course not all languages operate according to the same grammatical rules, for example, in Russian, a double negative remains negative, although perhaps surprisingly, there is not a single language anywhere in the world in which a double positive makes a negative.”

At which a voice from the back of the classroom called out ironically “Yeah, right.”

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  1. Is this story relevant to your workplace?
  2. If it is, how?
  3. If it isn’t, why?
  4. What is your key takeaway? Why?
  5. When do you think the teacher should have stopped?
  6. How will you incorporate this lesson in your life?

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