Do #women need different #strategies to succeed as #leaders?

When I think of empowered women, I think of my maternal grandmother. She herself, as many of her generation, had minimum education (she had only passed the 5th standard). However, she encouraged her daughters to get a solid education. My Mom was a lawyer who quit practicing after a few years of her marriage. My Grand mom would say in our native tongue… “Become like men and show me.”

Years later in a TA 101 session, I was told that she was invalidating me. But I never thought so. My understanding was that to play in a man’s field, I needed to get a solid education and work hard just like men do and then I would have “become a man”.

Hmm… How I tried to “become a man”.

And then I read“Lean In – Women, Work and the Will to Lead” by Sheryl Sandberg. That was a relief.

I read that I was not imaging it, men and women are really judged very differently especially when in leadership roles. What caught my attention was not so much that the playing field was not level yet but that it was not level even in the West. Though our cultures were different the impediments were the same… family pressures, gender bias, social norms and expectations, and a shortage of role models. But what really floored me was that there were strategies that could be used both at an organisational level as well as at a personal level to level the playing field.

Hurrah! Now I could do something about it.

And so my understanding is that women do need different strategies to succeed as leaders as the strategies that work for men simply do not work for women.

After the first edition of Women-Lead – #Leadership Workshop for Young #Women Leaders” that we conducted successfully on 5th March 2016 in Delhi-NCR, we are conducting the next edition on 26th August 2016 (Women’s Equality Day). The aim is to equip them with strategies that work for women in leadership roles. Get the details

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