4 things you can do from tomorrow to stand out as a professional

Unless you can find a profession in which you are the only person who is pursuing it there will always be competition. Ask yourself “if so many people are doing the same damn thing, how is it that there is someone better than the rest?” Is it that he or she is smarter? More resourceful? More organized?

Generally the answer, how much ever you want it to be, is not any of the above. It most of the times is their #attitude. A bad attitude is like a flat tire. If you don’t change it, you can’t go anywhere.

The question you probably are asking is, “How do I turn myself into this person who is the best?” The answer is simple make the job one you love, not by changing the job but by changing the style of doing the job.

Remember, it’s your choice. If you’re happy at work it’s because you chose to be so. And if you’re miserable it was also your fault.

However, that doesn’t mean that the choice you made can’t be reversed.

Things you can do to become this “better than the rest” person:-

  1. Do what is right, for the right reasons: If you do things expecting praise in return you are often disappointed but when you do things because it is the right thing to do you remain happy whether you get praised or not.
  2. Build relationships: Building relationships is extremely important and here are what I like to call the 6 B’s of relationship- building:
  • Be real: They say that the truth always comes out, so don’t try to impress someone by being anyone but yourself because almost all the time people see through it whether they say it or not.
  • Be interested: it is important to be interesting but equally important to be interested. We all like people who genuinely are interested in us. People are impressed if you take an interest in what they are saying, not only through curiosity but to provide them with better services.
  • Be knowledgeable by listening better: When you start paying attention to people they start telling you things about them. For example if your boss hates conferences he will appreciate if you attend the conference for him and summarize it.
  • Be empathic: When you listen to people it enables you to understand how they feel and empathize with them.
  • Be honest: The art of diplomacy is not telling somebody what they want to hear but to tell the things in a way in which they want to hear and the way which they can understand.
  • Be helpful: ever heard the phrase “little things can make a big difference.” Well it is true lots of small things can make an unexpected difference. For example doing overtime so that your boss can go home and still be able to give the speech tomorrow can earn you a raise.
    1. Make a difference: What may be a minor inconvenience for you could be the thing that makes someone else’s day. You don’t have to have the agenda of saving the world to help someone, and you may think why should I go out of my way to help them? Usually they remember your effort for a long time. There are many salesmen but you still remember the one who gifted you a free sample against orders.
    2. Create value: Create more value by exceeding what is expected of you and do more than necessary. Here are 5 ways to add value:
    1. Tell the truth: Telling the truth is extremely rare in today’s marketplace. People are just used to saying what they think the other person would want to hear.
    2. Attract through artistry: We as a species are drawn to artistic stuff. So add a little artistic signature on your work of either thought or design.
    3. Meet needs in advance:There are so many problems that are faced on a large scale. E.g. how to use a printer?. That is why they give a manual with the printer.
    4. Simplify: Make it easier for people to attain what they want from you.
    5. Add NICE THINGs AND SUBTRACT THE BAD ONES: think if you can add things to the lives of people around you that would make them happy. Add these things because people may not remember what you said but they will remember how you made them feel. Similarly this is why you don’t want to have bad things to say or add to other people’s lives.

    The bottom-line is that to survive in today’s world you need to differentiate yourself or be better than the rest. And these small things cumulatively make a big impact.

    Don’t be the same, be better!!!

    Contributed by Lariena Kumar, Associate Larks Learning Pvt. Ltd.

    Learn more and reach Lovely Kumar for training workshops or DISC assessments at www.larkslearning.com, lovely@larkslearning.com or 91-9899108659