1 sure shot way to keep your Mojo up even in tough times

A tyre can run for miles and miles but when it gets punctured the air leaks out pshhh… We then need to get to the petrol pump and fill the air back into the tyre. We, human beings too are like car tyres.

Our #mojo and sense of worth has a way of getting depleted when subjected to pins, pricks and disappointments. These could be losing a key account, a below par performance appraisal or even the everyday mundaneness of work.

We lose our spark in the grind. Our goals become hazy and our Mojo tanks faster than the stock exchange on fears of a global meltdown.

I intuitively understood this when I started my career as a summer trainee with Karishma Advertising (A subsidiary of Lintas). It was my first exposure to the corporate world and I felt anxiety and excitement about this major step. I kept a small journal and noted down every bit of professional praise I got. I thought if so & so who is an Account Director or V.P. appreciated this it must be good. This helped me immensely, and soon I was presenting my key research findings to the client (Woodlands) despite being a summer trainee.

At NDTV (my first real job) I had a spreadsheet where at any point of time you could access the running total of sales made and payments collected in INR. I used that to boost my confidence before making another sales or collection call.

Unfortunately, I no longer keep such meticulous records. However, I still use this before I set my goals. I write down all my achievements since I last set goals. It helps me get the boost to set stretch goals.

What I learnt and applied personally as a professional has resulted in the Larks signature goal setting methodology which we use in all our #goal setting workshops or individual development planning sessions.

One key element is to get the individual to understand his strengths and weaknesses both from a behavioral styles perspective (we use Extended DISC for that) and also from his/her actual successes and failures in the year. This enables people to look at past successes and build themselves up for new goals. This is like filling air in the tyre…you can actually see people once again using possibility thinking.

However, why wait for an entire year to do this exercise or for a formal goal setting workshop (Although we would love if you call us for one.).

Follow the advice we give at the end of our goal setting workshops: create a journal…Fill it weekly on Sunday morning. Review your week and write out the following:

  1. What were your successes this week? Basically where you came a step closer to your goals.
  2. What were your disappointments this week? Where you actually took a step away from your goals
  3. What did you learn from your successes?
  4. What did you learn from your disappointments?
  5. What do you want to change in the coming week?>

Any praise you received this week with the person’s name.
This journal is the 1 sure shot way to keep you Mojo up even in tough times. When Mojo is in short supply open up your journal and read it and watch your Mojo rise.

Remember, the key is to consistently do this week after week yourself or contact us to set up an accountability system for you.

Much Mojo to you!!!

Lovely Kumar is a facilitator, trainer, psychometric assessor and is co-founder at Larks Learning Pvt Ltd. She has a unique background which combines economics, management, advertising, sales, teaching and training. She has worked with a range of corporates and academic institutions. Additionally she has obtained international certifications in training and psychometric assessments.

Learn more and reach Lovely Kumar for training workshops or DISC assessments at at www.larkslearning.com, lovely@larkslearning.com or 91-9899108659.