Women Lead is committed to creating more women leaders in the professional sphere through Workshops, Coaching, Networking opportunities and Continual Research.

The aim of this workshop is to enable aspiring women leaders to reach out and achieve more success in the profession of their choice.

What do our ex-participants say?

“I now bat from my front foot instead of my back foot. I actively avoid “office housework” and that has made all the difference.”

“I realised that if I don’t ask, I am the loser. So I reached out and asked and now am handling 3 times the operations I was handling a year ago.”

“We covered in the session that women should feel they deserve success, own their successes, ask for challenging opportunities at work, be assertive & then prove it by their work. I followed all this and got promoted”

Who is it for?

It is exclusively for aspiring women leaders in corporates, government, NGO’s & entrepreneurs.

What will be covered?

The workshop will cover:

  • Unconscious biases which may trip a women’s success journey e.g. maternity bias (wherein it is assumed that a woman’s commitment and competence decrease post maternity)
  • Understanding common pitfalls that women fall into (Like holding back from challenging assignments) and how to avoid them
  • Exploring unique challenges that women leaders face e.g. the gender tightrope (How to be liked & respected?)
  • Experience sharing and best practices from senior women professionals

The focus will be on actionable strategies that research has shown to work for women leaders.

How will it be covered?

The methodology will be highly experiential with a mix of action learning, video’s, group discussions, experience sharing by senior women professionals, questionnaires, role plays, management games and activities.



Lovely Kumar, Director Larks Learning

          Anila Rattan          Gita Saksena

Lovely Kumar                                   Anila Rattan                            Gita Saksena

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