Enhancing managerial ability and interpersonal skills through DISC

Over view of the program

Each of us needs to be able to get along with others. Be it our spouse, in-laws, friends, neighbors, boss, team members or subordinates, understanding others is the very first step to working together. It’s our understanding of others which helps us to react appropriately in different situations leading to not only a congenial environment but to higher productivity and synergy in all spheres of life.

Program Coverage

  • Understand your own temperament and personality through a DISC based psychometric test.
  • Illustrate the inherent strengths of each personality through examples
  • Assess other people’s basic behavioral style using verbal / non-verbal / spatial clues
  • Understand other people and realize that just because others are different does not make them wrong.
  • Examine your own strengths and weaknesses and learn how to accentuate your strengths and overcome your weaknesses to make you more effective.
  • Understand what motivates your subordinates / other team mates / and use it in enhancing performance.
  • Flex your behavioral style to connect with people of different behavioral styles thereby improving communication, teamwork and ability to get work done.


2 days


Enhance Teamwork Through DISC

Over view of the program

Together everyone achieves more. However are we really utilizing the strengths of each of our team members and working around their weaknesses. Or are we simply trying a one shoe fits all approach. Learn how to enhance teamwork and therefore productivity through understanding behavioral styles.T.E.A.M – Together everyone achieves more Rome wasn’t built in a day nor was it built by a single person. Most great things are achieved by teams of people working towards a common goal. Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. is the process of establishing and developing a greater sense of collaboration, mutual accountability and trust between team members. This is built on the foundation of understanding your team members, their unique strengths and weaknesses. And then teams can “JUST DO IT”. DISC is a powerful tool to understand people and capitalize on that understanding by style flexing.

Program objective & Target audience 

  • Examine our own strengths and weaknesses and learn how to accentuate our positives and eliminate our negatives.
  • Understand other people and utilize that understanding to enhance team cohesiveness and communication


  • Understanding your own behavioral style through a psychometric test.
  • Learning the inherent strengths of each personality through examples and discussions.
  • Learning how to overcome our personal weaknesses through exercises.
  • Learning personality flexing.
  • Experiencing improved team work through role-plays


2 days intensive workshop