Extended DISC an established psychometric assessment is relevant to recruitment, training, career progression, coaching etc.

Who is it for?

The certification workshop is relevant to Recruiters, HR professionals, L&D professionals, Trainers , Facilitators, Coaches, OD interventionists etc.

What will be covered during the certification?

The CEDA certification on Extended DISC System enables a certified professional to read, comprehend and analyze the Extended DISC individual, work-pair and team analysis reports. He/ she can then use the reports in recruitment, training, career progression and coaching.

After the Certified Extended DISC Administrator (CEDA) program you will be able to:

  • Develop conceptual clarity about The Extended DISC theory and fundamental terminology used in The Extended DISC Model
  • Be able to identify the Four Major Behavioral Styles, their characteristic features, their Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Learn the Extended DISC Behavioral Map (Extended DISC Diamond) and the reasoning for the relationship between the four major behavioral styles (the Profiles) and the Behavioral Map
  • Be able to read and understand the Extended DISC Standard Personal Analysis Report
  • Open your own answering accounts on The Extended DISC Online Platform and learn how to create access codes, order reports and order points
  • Understand the Extended DISC profiles
     Profile II and Profile I
     Basic shapes
     Profile II – levels of interpretation
     Shape, size and position of profiles and their meaning
     Profile I
     Special cases
  • Comprehend DISC – Combination of traits
     How do different types get along
  • Extended DISC work pair analysis report
     How to process a work pair in EDOS
  • Understand Extended DISC Team Analysis
     Shot Gun map and Name map
     Extended DISC team analysis report
     How to process a team in EDOS
  • Understand what type of people your organization needs
     Identify the strengths and weaknesses of an individual
     Identify how you could best benefit from each individual
     Understand how to maximize the performance of existing employees
     Understand how to leverage the Strengths and balance the Weaknesses of people working in pairs
     Understand the behavioural resources and challenges of a team and how to channelize them

What are the criteria to join?
Since the Extended DISC reporting is shorn of psychological jargon you don’t require a degree in psychology.

Options for Certification:

Onsite - Our facilitator conducts the certification program at the client’s site. For this, we require a minimum of 3 participants if in Delhi/NCR and 5 if outside Delhi/NCR.
Online - We conduct the certification program through a combination of self-study and online classroom/ personal interaction with facilitator. This is followed with an open book assessment. This option is available at all times depending on the availability of participant and facilitator.
Open programs - We conduct open workshops for participants.


Who will conduct the programs?

Lovely Kumar or Anila Rattan

Whom to contact?

Contact: Lovely Kumar at lovely@larkslearning.com or 91-9899108659