Over view of the workshop

In today’s highly competitive environment, how do you create rapport instantly? How do you ensure the maximum impact of your sales pitch on your prospects / clients? By learning their behavioral preferences and flexing your behavior.
The future of corporations rests among other things on the ability of it’s sales people to translate the board room strategies into sales and therefore money on the ground. All sales people are aware that people buy from people they like. And people like people who are like them and understand them. DISC is a powerful tool to understand people and capitalize on that understanding by style flexing.

Program objective 

  • Examine our own strengths and weaknesses and learn how to accentuate our positives and eliminate our negatives.
  • Understand other people and utilize that understanding to create rapport and enhance sales.


  • Understanding your own behavioral style through a psychometric test.
  • Learning the inherent strengths of each personality through examples and discussions.
  • Learning how to overcome our personal weaknesses through exercises.
  • Learning personality flexing.
  • Experiencing improved sales skills through role-plays.


2 days