LARKS Learning
Larks Learning is a training and psychometric assessment company. We are the official partners of Extended DISC International (a superior DISC based assessment company).

We conduct training workshops in the area of soft skills, provide certification and advanced certification on the Extended DISC system, help organizations set up point banks so that they can generate DISC profiles by themselves and coach organizations based on DISC.
What we stand for....
To help adults (18+ yrs.) fulfill their potential by providing quality learning interventions and assessments.
Core Values
Learners actively construct knowledge based on their contexts.
Peer learning is a powerful form of learning.
In an organizational/ social setting –
  • Whatever is rewarded gets done.
  • Whatever is measured improves.
Our role is of learning facilitators not instructors.
Technology aided learning is required in order to create scale and provide mass customization.
Featured Interventions / Programs
Certification on Extended DISC
DISC an established psychometric assessment is relevant to recruitment, training, career progression, coaching etc.

Can you afford not to get certified?

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Fundamentals of leadership - 1
Leadership / Managerial skills are what distinguish great manager-leaders from strugglers. Among a plethora of leadership- managerial skills, managing multiple priorities, effective delegation and coaching stand out. It is of utmost importance that managers master these skills in order to ensure peak productivity from their subordinates and therefore ensure that the organizations goals are met.

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Fundamentals of leadership - 2
Are leaders born or made? The debate rages.. However, each one of us can enhance our leadership ability by adding some arrows to our quiver. This program aims at learning how to engage your staff, manage staff performance, manage conflict and give developmental feedback.

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Enhance productivity through developmental feedback
The aim of feedback is performance improvement. Period. However many managers struggle with the fact that their subordinates just don't improve despite being given feedback. Our training program is designed to handle this gap. As managers learn how to give feedback that improves performance, productivity and employee engagement goes up.

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Enhance productivity through latest information skills
Enhance productivity through utilizing latest information seeking, organizing and presenting techniques. Today when we can obtain information from all over the world with a click of the mouse we need skills in information seeking (search), information processing (mind-maps, flowcharts, quadrants, graphs etc.) and information presentation skills (power point,emails, video’s etc.)

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Enhancing sales through DISC
In today’s highly competitive environment, how do you create rapport instantly? How do you ensure the maximum impact of your sales pitch on your prospects / clients? by learing their behavioral preferences and flexing your behavior.

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Enhancing teamwork through DISC
Together everyone achieves more. However are we really utilizing the strengths of each of our team members and working around their weaknesses. Or are we simply trying a one shoe fits all approach. Learn how to enhance teamwork and therefore productivity through understanding behavioral styles.

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Enhancing managerial ability and interpersonal skills through DISC
In life or the corporate world each of us needs to be able to get along with others. Be it our spouse, in-laws, relatives, friends, neighbors, boss, team members or subordinates, understanding others is the very first step to working together. It’s our understanding of others which helps us to react appropriately in different situations leading to not only a congenial environment but to higher productivity and synergy in all spheres of life.

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DISC Based Personal Coaching
Increase your success by working on your strengths!
Success doesn't come to you. You go to it. - Marva Collins
DISC profile can help you prepare for success in a job interview, enhancing your career and in personal development.

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Attention Entrepreneurs!!!
Larks Learning, the official partner to Extended DISC International is currently looking for resellers across India.

Enhance your product portfolio by becoming an Authorized Affiliate with an international psychometricassessment - Extended DISC International.

Extended DISC is a superior DISC based assessment. It is unique in its comprehensiveness, flexibility, action-ability and simplicity.

*It does not require a background in psychology to become an authorized affiliate or administer the assessment.

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